Inserting Google Chart Tools Visualizations into WordPress

EDIT: When I wrote this post no plugin existed to create and embed Google Charts within a WordPress blog. I’ve recently been made aware of the ChartBoot for WordPress plugin which seems to do exactly what I needed – although I haven’t looked at the plugin myself at the moment. It might be worth taking […]

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Counting Syllables Accurately in Python on Google App Engine

I wanted to be able to count syllables accurately in Python and looked around for existing code that I could re-use. I found one or two routines written in PHP that looked promising so I ported them to Python but was pretty disappointed with the accuracy. I also found a Python routine that is part […]

Continue reading – How much jargon does your text contain?

My first Google App Engine project went live yesterday.¬†This one deals with¬†estimating the readability of a text when jargon such as acronyms and abbreviations are taken into account. </marketing-bit>As I’ve mentioned before I’m developing a Natural Language Processing system called ScrewTinny (scrutiny) that analyses the language that high-tech vendors use to take their products to […]

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Nothing’s ever easy – Google App Engine…

Well, at least nothing appears easy to me when selecting the deployment configuration for ScrewTinny – my Python-based competitive marketing intelligence app. I had planned to deploy ScrewTinny to Google App Engine and I’ve actually been very happy with how easy it is to get up and running with it on my Arcanicity Index project […]

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Google App Engine and the Arcanicity Index

I’ve decided to investigate Google App Engine (GAE) in my spare time and I need a project to test it with. So I’m going to try to produce an on-line version of my Arcanicity Index. It will be very simple system, and because I don’t have a fag packet on which to sketch it out, […]

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