Counting Syllables Accurately in Python on Google App Engine

I wanted to be able to count syllables accurately in Python and looked around for existing code that I could re-use. I found one or two routines written in PHP that looked promising so I ported them to Python but was pretty disappointed with the accuracy. I also found a Python routine that is part […]

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My first Google App Engine project went live yesterday.¬†This one deals with¬†estimating the readability of a text when jargon such as acronyms and abbreviations are taken into account. </marketing-bit>As I’ve mentioned before I’m developing a Natural Language Processing system called ScrewTinny (scrutiny) that analyses the language that high-tech vendors use to take their products to […]

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Google App Engine and the Arcanicity Index

I’ve decided to investigate Google App Engine (GAE) in my spare time and I need a project to test it with. So I’m going to try to produce an on-line version of my Arcanicity Index. It will be very simple system, and because I don’t have a fag packet on which to sketch it out, […]

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