The Un-Mission Statement

I’m not a big fan of mission statements…

but I thought I’d better set out a manifesto – a mission statement of sorts for this blog. I wanted to set down in writing the sort of content I’ll be posting in these pages. I already blog on technology marketing and competitive intelligence issues in my blog at Lustratus REPAMA and I tweet on similar issues at @lustratusrepama. So I’ll save comment on those subjects for there.

But I needed a place on the Internet where I could lay my geek hat and call home. I can’t post technical stuff on my Lustratus REPAMA blog because it’s the wrong audience so I will post here about the following technical issues:

  • Computerised processing of language or natural language processing (NLP, an area I have investigated in developing ScrewTinny
  • ScrewTinny – a natural language processing system that infers meaning behind text.
  • The Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) is a library of Python routines and structures that significantly aid in the development of scripts that process text
  • General programming issues in the Python language
  • Developing solutions for MS Office with VB.Net and C# that use the VSTO interface.
  • I’ve also got a keen interest in text readability and particularly in rating how easy or difficult a specific piece of text is to understand. I’ve been working on an Arcanicity Index that looks to rate how much jargon a particular piece of text has. So those issues will be addressed in these pages too.

And anything else that fits between the gaps. I hope my ramblings provide some use to some readers.

Danny Goodall

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